Schools & College

Quote: what you did in talking with my pupils helps me fulfill that vision I have as Headteacher. The children will have got such a powerful message from you and your outlook on life. It helps instill attitudes and positive perspectives and so much more.

These sessions closely map to National Curriculum (History, Communication, Languages, Goal Planning) and government guidelines & aim to develop pupils goal setting capabilities whilst forging a positive social attitude to disability. My sessions aim at developing children’s self-perception of remaining positive, embracing change and differences in life. 
Each college and school experience are age appropriate, designed to be flexible to suite age ranges and class sizes. 
Andy begins with an inspiring & upbeat intro video, followed by a talk about life before his accident, dealing with change, how he adapted, showing the students his adaptive equipment to stay independent  (Wheelchair, computer, mobile phone, environmental control) then onto interactive development workshop exercises 
My workshops include a range of engaging, interactive individual & group activities and experiences, such as:
  • Intro motivational video
  • Andy’s life Story
  • Adapting to Change 
  • Goal Setting & Removing Barriers
  • Innovations: Computer & Mobile Phone Aids
  • Communication Exercises: Sign, language Braile 
  • Q&A session
Topics Covered Include:
  • Goal Setting, Achieving your Ambitions, Overcoming obstacles
  • Disability Awareness 
  • Adapating & Dealing with Changes In Life 
  • Adaptive Equipment (Looking at Wheelchair's, computer technology,  environmental controls, using my mobile, reading etc)
  • Equality & Diversity
  • Staying Positive
  • Like Who You Are
  • Helping Others
  • Fulfilling Your Potential
The sessions include interactive exercises & open forums.
"My Grandma said “Kirsty don’t take anything for granted, make the most of every moment.  Andy taught me to make every negative into a positive”. Kirsty Barnett ((Year 10 Girl)
“I thought Andy was really brave his words were special to me and he was a good laugh.  I hope I will see him again, he’s a cool dude”. Sanchez Francis (Year 7 Boy)
“Andy was excellent, my parents were amazed by his story, we’ve talked about his message at home and how we shouldn’t let problems get in our way”. Henna Asghar (Year 7 girl)
“Andy was a dream to work with; he adapted his presentation to his audience.  His delivery was sharp, witty and down to earth.  The children and staff made instant connections” Assistant Head, Hathershaw College
Aims & Objectives?
Motivate pupils to see positives rather than negatives & be adaptable to change. Encourage pupils to be ambitious, set goals & gain an understanding of overcoming barriers in achieving those goals.
Equality, Disability & Diversity Awareness: Andy encourages people to see an individual’s ability rather than disability.
Highlighting how, through adaptations and dealing with change, people are able to do most similar things regardless of their apparent differences.
To challenge how pupils perceive disability by understanding more about the ranges of disabilities, looking at celebrities whom live with different disabilities (Many which aren't not immediately apparent) & demonstrating how differences in society are a positive dynamic. 

"FANTASTIC role model. You cannot put a price on this."
Andy Dickinson, St Josephs.

"Andy provided a phenomenal speech for our Charity Sportsmans Dinner & captivated the 200 strong audience with his life story. "
Lyndsay Snodgrass, Trustee Debbie Plowman Happy Faces Trust.

“So inspiring, very engaging, captured the whole audience.”
Sarah Robinson (Head of PE)

"He defines the word ‘inspirational’ and made a big impression on everyone that came.”
Nick Hart, Head of CSR, Turner Broadcasting System Europe (CNN, Cartoon Network, TCM etc).